Suiyoubi no Campanella – Jugem’ je t’aime ALBUM REVIEW


Release Date: December 18th 2015
Format: 12 Vinyl
Number of Editions (1): Analog Edition (w/ Digital Download code and CD)

It’s no secret that Suiyoubi no Campanella is one of the hottest and most interesting J-pop outfits of the moment, and the attention surrounding this project is fairly held up by great quality and refreshing tunes. The experimental trio featuring Kenmochi Hidefumi as producer and Dir. F as artistic director are bringing to the charts an interesting blend of J-pop, Electronic Music, Synth-pop, Folk and Rap, conveyed through singer and only performer of the group KOM_I with great mastery and delicacy, with their latest record Zipang improving and bringing to a whole new level the hybrid sound of the group, resulting in one of the best albums of 2015.

And what better occasion to go back and analyze the previous releases that brought to the creation of such a great album? Jugem’ je t’aime is an EP/Compilation featuring previous tracks where the trio mixes up Japanese and French cultures together, an approach adopted by many groups in the industry, as the appreciation between these two countries and their respective cultures has never been a secret. Released on a wonderfully looking 12 Vinyl by French label Specific Recording, this record not only features six tracks that greatly represent the nature of Campanella’s sound, it’s also a great starting point for anyone that wants (and needs) to get into the trio’s music, where numbers like Napoléon and Marie-Antoniette take the role of prime examples of the masterful production and layers of influences behind their sound, where KOM_I’s raw and natural interpretation never fails to match up the vibes of these songs, between joyful and shiny melodies and more atmospheric numbers like Sen no Rikyu and Jeanne d’Arc. I’ll never express enough appreciation for the amazing charisma and interpretation of this girl, that just finds its place when matched up with the smart and refreshing approach to music brought by these musicians. It’s deep and masterful music created in an accessible way, that makes Suiyoubi no Campanella one of the most enjoyable and refreshing acts of today’s Japanese Music Industry.

Vote: 8 / 10

Special thanks to the friends at Specific Recordings for providing me with this record to review. Jugem’ je t’aime’s beautiful Vinyl can be purchased through Specific Recording’s website: It also comes with a Digital Download and a physical CD!

– Alex

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