September Me – Godspeed You! | EP REVIEW


Release Date: November 18th
Format: CD
Number of Editions (1): Regular Edition (CD only)

September Me show great talent to then fall into mediocrity in this controversial release

Discovering and analyzing Indie bands is always interesting. Seeing young artists trying to express their talent is genuinely good, and I generally divide these realities in two groups: Those who create something new and innovative, and those who follow the wave of successful artists with their own interpretation. Tokyo-based J-rock trio September Me finds its place in the latter category, following the new wave of Japanese rock started with Sakanaction and greatly maintained by groups such as indigo la End and Gesu no Kiwami Otome, musicians that successfully brought complex layers of sounds in accessible compositions at the service of pop rock.

The guys from September Me try to showcase their talent through this valid pattern with a five-tracks mini album titled Godspeed you!, but end up doing a good job only for half of it. The first two tracks representing the highlight of this release showcase a smart use of synths, vibrating melodies and fast-paced rhythms wrapped up in structures where everything genuinely sounds at the right place. I was honestly surprised with the work done here (especially with Yuurei Dive) and that’s why I’ve been so equally disappointed with the remaining tracks in this release. The three following compositions all fail in delivering something interesting with overly shallow and uninspired pop rock, and while Bokura no Innocence still manages to deliver intriguing melodies and interesting rhythms, it doesn’t even get close with the sound offered in the first part of this album; It almost feels like listening to a different band, and it’s honestly baffling.

It’s pretty clear that these guys have talent in composing and fitting every piece of their sound in the right place, skills clearly showcased in the first two tracks of this release. At the same time, the quick downfall to mediocrity with the following compositions is probably due to the trio’s will of showing different vibes and sounds, that dragged them in a path that, judging from everything done good in here, doesn’t even belong to them. It’s a real shame, and hopefully they will follow their artistic talent more constantly in their future releases without falling in overly abused formulas that don’t give justice to what they can truly do.

Vote: 6 / 10

– Alex

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