Negicco – Nee Badiya | SINGLE REVIEW


Release Date: August 11th
Formats: CD, CD + DVD, Analog 7′ Vinyl
Number of Editions (5): Limited Edition Type A (CD + DVD), Type B (2CDs), Type C (CD – 1 track only) Regular Edition (CD only), EP Limited Edition (7′ Vinyl)

More than ever in the last couple of years, the story of Negicco has finally come to light and made the mainstream scene acknowledged of the reality and the struggles (and genuine successes) that composed the thirteen years-long career of the Niigata-based local Idol unit, an act that’s an anomaly in a genre that averagely sees the rise and fall of its groups in less than half of the time Negicco have been active.

Now, after more than a decade, the “Never give up girls” are still active and more vital than ever, cause their story evolves slowly but with consistence and genuine results: From the struggle of getting the well deserved recognition they’re starting to achieve now, to the search of a sound that could represent their identity that made their pre-T-Palette era a mixture of different sounds, it really seems like Negicco finally found their recognition and music stability they’ve been seeking for years, and their new single Nee Badiya is the proof of it: The title track sums up the sound that represented the unit for the past few years, now improved and finally getting rid of misleading elements like the sometimes forced idol chants in all benefit of a structure that remains simple but functional, flowing much better if compared to their past compositions; the instrumental sounds great and “alive”, with every instrument putting out the best to give a jazz/funky charisma (sometimes slightly reminding of 90’s Shibuya Kei) to a track that delivers an happy and thoughtless vibe in a catchy key, mainly thanks to the chorus that will easily get stuck in your head in no time. The singing of the girls sounds improved as well, and better balanced between the verses/bridge too, which is something that comes to the ear in the whole single more than once.

Singing is indeed the most surprising part of the second track Oyasumi, a slow paced ballad that detaches itself from everything we’ve heard in Negicco’s discography for its pleasant and classy feeling. Despite being five minutes long and pretty much repetitive, it’s simply a pleasure to listen to it, and the above mentioned vocals are what makes it kind of unique for Negicco, reaching levels of expression rarely shown by the girls, showcasing an interesting improvement in vocal skills that backed by a soft and relaxing instrumental make Oyasumi a nice piece to add to their discography, and a good variation of their sound.

It’s clear that both track on this single are the result of a now well developed sound that Negicco decided to make their own, improving it one release after another and reaching interesting and very nice levels with Nee Badiya. Without a shade of doubt, this is Negicco’s most convincing single in a while, and I can’t wait to see how the girls will manage their new and finally stable music identity. The fact this release already reached the top of the Oricon Daily Chart, and their future participation at the Perfume FES!where the girls will hit the stage together with their beloved role model J-pop group Perfume, makes it feel like Negicco’s long awaited success and recognition has finally arrived. And with all the passion and love they show with every release and concert, we can only wish to Nao☆, Megu and Kaede all the best for their future, sure that they’ll never give up.

Vote: 7 / 10



01. Nee Badiya
02. Oyasumi
03. Nee Badiya (Instrumental)
04. Oyasumi (Instrumental)

[CD 2 | ReNegi – Limited Edition Type B exclusive]

01. Summer Breeze (Royal Mirrorball remix)
02. Festival de Aimashou (bo en remix)
03. Negi-sama Bravo☆ (Tomggg remix)”


01. Nee Badiya (Music Video)
02. Oyasumi (Music Video)

* Note: The Limited Edition Type C only contains the Nee Badiya track. The Regular Edition contains both songs and instrumentals.

– Alex

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