Namie Amuro – Red Carpet | SINGLE REVIEW


Release Date: December 3rd
Formats: CD, CD + DVD
Number of Editions (2): Regular Edition (CD only), Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

Namie’s new single delivers good vibes and another lesson to her label mates

It’s no secret that out of the three Avex divas, Namie Amuro is the only one that today is still releasing concrete and generally enjoyable music. With Ayumi Hamasaki in self-destruction mode with a career that will unavoidably end if she doesn’t decide to take a break or definitely retire, and Koda Kumi basically not delivering anything appealing in a long while and constantly relying on compilations, the Okinawan singer pretty much has her way paved at the moment, and saying she’s living the second youth of her career is no understatement, with recent albums such as Uncontrolled and her latest _genic delivering good material and convincing performances.

Namie comes back on the scene to start a new chapter of her discograpy with Red Carpet, a new single featuring two tracks and a more mature look on the cover, even though the music inside shows no sign of aging despite not breaking any boundary or reaching outstanding levels: She just does the job right, an approach she’s probably confident to adopt at the actual state of things. The highlight of the A-side Red Carpet is Namie’s interpretation, particularly in the chorus where the singer delivers the right dose of catchiness as well as an appealing performance in the bridge, and what’s even better, the track doesn’t mess around with fillers or uselessly lengthened sections, going straight to the point and resulting in the enjoyable pop track it successfully aims to be. The second and last track Black Make-up delivers a more uplifting vibe, maybe a bit too standardized in certain sections, but that ultimately does a good job in being a catchy and thoughtless track, and once again the entertainment is held up by a straightforward formula that makes the compositions on this single flow just right.

Red Carpet is a single Namie’s fans will undoubtedly like and that will possibly get anyone looking for nice pop tunes interested, with both tracks doing a nice job thanks to a smart approach. The highest peak of Namie’s career probably lies in the past, but she keeps doing her best to deliver worth-listening material to her fanbase after twenty-three years of career, something genuinely admirable that her label mates should learn to do as well.

Vote: 7 / 10


01. Red Carpet
02. Black Make-Up

– Alex

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