Release Date: July 21st 2004
Formats: CD
Number of Editions (1): Regular Edition
Band Status: Disbanded

A timeless masterpiece that everyone needs to listen to.

Yasutaka Nakata is one of the most versatile artists of our times: From Lounge to Shibuya-kei, to EDM and Avantgarde, this guy I had the pleasure to see live twice in Japan is one of the most talented and open minded producers in the Japanese scenario, even though its most popular works obviously showcase its pop-ish and mainstream vein. During his career, Nakata explored and adopted many different influences and worked on several projects that made his portfolio one of the richest in the industry. Out of all his works,NAGISA COSMETIC is probably the one almost everyone forgot about, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye and exclusively noticed by those who closely looked at the link between music and fashion eleven years ago.

NAGISA COSMETIC followed the same pattern of capsule and COLTEMONIKHA, with Nakata as producer and a female singer, in this case his friend and fashion designer Nagisa Ichikawa, that triggered the idea of founding a unit to produce songs influenced by the fashion and cosmetic world. And so, on July 21st 2004 the duo released its first and last work, a mini album called NAGISA COSMETIC, featuring seven songs and lots of good vibes. This lost pearl is an absolute joy for your ears and soul: It’s happy, thoughtless, catchy, yet not predictable or lazy in any part. This album draws the line between old school and post-90’s Shibuya Kei, providing lounge and jazzy sonorities as well as shy electronic synths in a masterful balance, where the adorable voice of Nagisa finds a perfect base for a disarmingly innocent and happy performance, obtaining a brilliant result.

The duo performed only once at capsule’s Sound Furniture release party in 2004, and after a short time they decided to quit activities to focus on their own personal projects. This has probably been just a short adventure of two friends having fun making music and combining their own passions, and it’s thanks to this attitude that this album is so genuinely full of happiness and passion. NAGISA COSMETIC is a gem that will probably remain just an old niche release, but it’s also a timeless masterpiece of happiness, and its unique identity is what makes it so special. Whatever your music tastes are, you genuinely need this album in your life.


01. welcome
02. Cosmetic Happy
03. Life Balance
04. c.o.s.m.e.t.i.c music
05. strawberry short-Cut
06. retort
07. I am a computer

–  Alex


  1. this album is an absolute treasure! i do wish they had released more music together, this collab is better than coltemonikha.


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