– Dempari Night | SINGLE REVIEW


Release date: November 26
Formats: CD / CD + DVD / 7″ Vinyl / Cassette / Digital
Number of Editions (6): Limited Edition A – B – C / Regular Edition / 7″ Vinyl Edition / Casette Tape Edition

Dempagumi.Inc is without a doubt one of the Idol groups out there to follow right now: The six crazy (in a good way) colorful members have been able to bring the classic Idol concept to a whole new different level thanks to the fusion with the Akihabara culture and everything that surrounds it, with several well known medias such as Anime, Manga and Videogames influencing their style and concepts without taking over the still highly present personality of each member. Based on this, you know what you’re getting with Dempagumi.Inc: Funny and crazy concepts, continuos references to the Otaku culture, cute girls in colorful outfits and, most importantly, upbeat Idol electro-pop quality music, something that these girls and their valid production team showed more than once in the past and especially during this year, with valid singles such as Sakura Apparition and Chururi Chururi ra, and the new single Denpari Night that we’re going to analyzed isn’t less promising: We know what to expect, and as fans of Idol Music we’re already excited about it. And you should be as well.

Denpari Night / Bali 3 Kyouwakoku

Not even a second and you’re into it already: Denpari Night slaps you in the face in no time with a storm made of rolling drums and the natural high-pitched voices of the girls that lead to the melodic craziness we all love, giving the right boost to the song brought by this powerful intro that doesn’t even represent half of all the fun that comes later. Because while the track surely stands on the standard Dempa sound level (and it’s all good) it still gives the priority to the more fantasy vibe it wants to offer enhanced by the use of dreamy and, well, fantastic sounding melodies and synths. It’s a very well balanced songs, offering verses free of all the crazy good background and giving more attention on the singing, that briefly lead to the pre-chorus bridge that charges you up to for a catchy, cheerful and orchestral chorus that will get stuck in your head in no time, smartly balanced between shiny synths and melodic singing, sounding just plain great and pleasant for your ears; All of this happens in a minute if not less, and that’s another great pro of this track (and generally of the Dempa productions) which wastes no time and gives everything the listener wants to hear and more without getting lost in its structure. Not all the five-minutes-long songs out there can sound and be so entertaining and not boring at all, and even in the break preceding the shorter second verse, the song just keeps the mood up greatly. Everything in Denpari Night is at the right place and performed at the best, offering the Dempa trademark sound framed by a valid and never too-cheesy fantasy vibe with interesting details in the background giving it a certain personality to differentiate it from their other tracks while still finding its place in the same category.

And don’t even think about relaxing now. Your ears won’t have a second to rest while listening to this single, because the best has yet to come, and it goes by the name of Bali 3 Kyouwakoku.

Everytime a song like these gets released in the Idol scene is a blessing: Bali 3 is crazy, and the representation of the Dempa sound brought to the top by the talented producer Takashi Asano. The song makes it clear since the beginning with the extravagant and catchy melody that will get you instantly hooked with this track, that features a classic structure that emphasizes each part and gives it great personality. The verses are fast, with each girls singing their own part, followed by a pre-chorus bridge that summons a dreamy vibe while still maintaining the beats up, leading to a chorus that’s just plain perfect: Amazing key change, powerful and restless bass lines, all framed in a chiptune synth feast, to then go back to the main melody, everything that will just make you go insane. This song seriously wants you to headbang with your headphones on, it has an enormous live potential, and I just want to experience this song in a crowd full of fans losing it to the chorus. And all the rest of the track of course, because exactly as Denpari Night, in Bali 3 Kyouwakoku everything is at the right place, and it’s not hard to say that this track is an almost perfect modern Idol song: It’s fast but well paced, and each section of it, from the verses to the chorus and the bridge, has a great impact on the track and forms its incredible personality, which is 100% Dempagumi.Inc and more. Add it to the list of the songs to hook in some friend in the Idol world, and you won’t be possibly wrong. A truly great track.


Idol Music means happiness, entertainment, and beautiful thoughtless fun, and Dempagumi.Inc took all of these vital factors and masterfully packed them into Denpari Night, a single that lives up to the expectations of all the fans and goes beyond it. From the beginning to the end, each second of these tracks pulses with life and unchains a powerful wall of sound made of crazy synths, chiptune goodness and a killer upbeat vibe that will just make you jump and bang your head like you rarely did before. Denpari Night brings some freshness with a more fantasy-themed vibe without betraying the roots of the Dempa sound, while Bali 3 Kyouwakoku is the consolidation of it, brought it to perfection by the masterful composition and production of Takashi Asano.

If you’re a Dempagumi.Inc fan, you need to get this single right now. If you’re new to this group and to the Idol world… well, you couldn’t have come at a better time.

Vote: 8.9/10



01. Denpari Night
02. Bali 3 Kyouwakoku | 02. Phantom of the Truth (Limited Edition C only)
03. Denpari Night(Instrumental)
04. Bali 3 Kyouwakoku(Instrumental)


– Making of “Denpari Night” MV (Limited Edition A only)
– Making of “Bali 3 Kyouwakoku” MV (Limited Edition B only)
– Making of “Phantom of the truth” MV (Limited Edition C only)

– Alex

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