Curumi Chronicle – Touch Me | SINGLE REVIEW

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Independent idol Curumi Chronicle definitely made her notice during the last year since her debut in 2013: With a cute and natural identity and her strong collaboration with the promising young producer/DJ Usagi Disco, the lovely Curumi already released a (very good) first album and a recent EP under the independent label PAV Records, showcasing great quality production, a versatile voice that sounds anything but conventional for an idol, and a nice mix of Techno-pop, J-pop and EDM that defines the clear inspirations of the Osaka-based idol while still showcasing great personality and yes, even some pretty unique elements. After the celebration of her first anniversary as idol, Curumi is now ready to release not one, but two singles contemporarily, each one focusing on a side of her sound, with Touch Me entirely dedicated to her more techno/EDM side, and 17 on the J-pop/Idol-ish part, for a double release that splits into two the music identity of this girl. Accomplished experiment?

Rise of the EDM School Girl

The stronger of the two releases kicks off with Voice, a track directly featuring Usagi Disco that immediately defines the attitude of this single: Limited lyrics, repetitive vocals and a lot of electronic music goodness to dance with, especially with drops like the one towards the end of the song that alone makes the listening of this track worth it; From the heaviness of the beats to the synths and the melodies everything is perfectly balanced and combined with Curumi’s voice, something that not always worked in her previous releases, and the result is nothing short of amazing. After all it’s clear that the composition is better than ever with this single, and there’s also space for new elements: While mainly rotating around the EDM sphere, the entire single welcomes different influences such as Techno, Trance and Dubstep elements, 80’s dance, and even some pretty brutal Drum n’ Bass goodness identifying the second track FLIGHT, that explores an unknown side of Curumi’s sound personality with a dark vibe made of heavy and dramatic synths and a touch of electric guitar perfectly coupled by the vocals that prove once again her versatility in singing different genres (you gotta love this girl’s voice); The piano solo at the end softens the mood giving a nice closure to a song that’s as unusual and dark as very, very good. Touch Me is the song that will ultimately conquer your heart and ears, as the hypnotizing voice of Curumi and the pure 80’s beats of this titletrack will lead you to a wonderful explosion of dreamy synths and melodies coupled with soothing, relaxing vocals performed by Curumi: It’s music that makes you fly with your mind, and between sensual melodies and a glitchy bridge that unifies past and present vibes, you’ll find yourself looping this song way more than once; With great atmosphere, balance, and masterful composition, this song is one of the best pieces of this single and of Curumi Chronicle’s career, a gem that will be remembered for long by the fans of the young idol and not only. Brilliant.


The last two songs Seventeen (original) and KITTY (Touch Me mix) are a nice addition to the package that strengthen the identity of this single, with the first being a mix of the titletrack of the coupling single 17 (that’ll be analyzed in the next review) with a less noisy but heavier arrangement and the second a heavy EDM revisitation of the cute track from the Second SpringEP. Both mixes are worth listening, and while the first doesn’t go that far from the other version, the Touch Me mix of KITTY gives new life to this piece with interesting  ideas and some pretty badass EDM passages that makes this song worth to be blasted in your car and to be danced at your parties.


Touch Me is an amazing single: It’s strong, powerful, various and full of great and valuable moments, proving once again the versatility and the personality of Curumi’s singing that’s clearly getting better and better with time exactly as the strength of her production team that crafted a single that’s well balanced and masterfully composed, with cascades of electronic music that won’t make you tired not even for a second.

Curumi Chronicle and Usagi Disco packed a single that’s worth all your time and also the attention of the major labels of the industry. This is great music, and an exciting promise for the future of Japanese EDM/Techno-pop.

Vote: 9.5/10


01. Voice feat. Usagi Disco
03. Touch Me
04. Seventeen (original)
05. KITTY (Touch Me mix)

– Alex

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