Welcome to my new blog

Hi everyone, it’s Alex.

After losing my website “Land of Rising Sound” due to host issues, I decided to open this blog to restore all my reviews, articles and guides, and to keep writing about Japanese Music as I’ve always done in the last six years.

As you can see, at the state of things, this blog is pretty much empty: Day by day, I will restore all the former articles that composed Land of Rising Sound while writing new ones to keep you updated on all the hottest releases of the Japanese Music Industry. I will also adjust the graphics and menus of this blog to make it more enjoyable and… appealing. I guess.

The name “Alex Shenmue Blog” is just temporary, and when a decent name will pop up in my mind, I will change it. This will probably be the longest issue to take care of as I’m terrible at choosing names :v

Anyway, I wanna thank everyone once again for their support. I will keep you updated on the state of my blog, and let you know when all the Articles, Reviews and Guide on Japanese Music will be available again (in a matter of days, anyway).
For any update, please feel free to follow my Facebook page, or just follow me on Twitter.

See you guys soon. Take care.

– Alex

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